Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

SextEd is a confidential texting helpline that answers questions about sexual health and relationships that people text us. We focus on youth in the Greater Montreal area, but anyone in North America is welcome to text and get a relevant answer. We’re not an emergency helpline, but we try to send answers within 24 hours.

Who we are

SextEd is a program run out of ACCM. It’s managed by people with years of experience in sex ed. They recruit and train volunteers to answer your questions. Each volunteer is trained and supervised, and our team carefully edits every text before we send. We’re not health professionals and our answers shouldn’t replace medical care.

We don’t…

  • Give counselling, advice, or diagnoses
  • Replace seeing a health professional
  • Work as an emergency help line, since we can only respond within 24 hours
  • Guarantee the accuracy of the information we give

But, we work to give information that is accurate, up-to-date, and supported by trusted sources.

Identity Protection

When you send us a text, we don’t see  your name or phone number. We use a system that automatically encrypts your personal information and assigns a random ID. So, when we answer a question, we don’t see any information that might identify you.

In rare cases, administrators may be legally obligated to access your phone number and report it to another organization, like the police or child protective services. These may include cases where someone under 18 is experiencing abuse and cases when someone’s life may be in danger. We avoid this as much as possible. Unless we are legally obligated to do so, we will not share identifiable personal information.

Contact that you don’t ask for

We will not use the data we collect to send advertisements or unwanted answers. Twice a year, we may send you a survey if you texted in the previous year. When we do this, you’ll get a message from us asking if you want to receive the survey, and you always have the right to say no! We may also text you about major changes to the program, like closing or switching numbers.

The use of the data

We save all of our texting conversations so that we can better answer any follow-up questions people may have. We also gather certain data, namely:

  1.  The wording of the texts we get
  2. Demographic information you choose to share with us (ex. age, gender)
  3. How long it took us to respond
  4. Your past exchanges with SextEd
  5. Any rating you give our answers

We use these statistics to apply for grants and funding for SextEd and to improve our service. To increase people’s understanding of young people’s sexual health concerns and knowledge, we sometimes also work with select researchers to publish non-identifying statistics and information that can help improve sex education and public health. We never publish individual texts we get, or the specific questions people ask us!

How data is stored

The data is recorded and kept in secure accounts that only SextEd volunteers and administrators can access. SextEd has the right to delete any data or text at its own discretion.

Our data is protected by encryption, passwords, and multi-factor authentification. Our volunteers are also bound to confidentiality and can only access the account through a protected connection. Volunteers never have access to your name or phone number. 

Right to ban users

SextEd has the right to ban users based on our criteria for inappropriate use.

Modification of the terms and conditions

We may modify these terms and conditions from time to time, to follow the evolution of the law, the SextEd service, or both. Any modification to these terms and conditions will appear on this website.


As indicated in these terms and conditions, we provide sexual health information using a reasonable level of skill and care. However, we are not health professionals. We do not offer counselling or medical advice. SextEd, ACCM, our volunteers, administrators and affiliates are not responsible for the information provided through our service, nor for the services and information provided by any resources we might refer you to. SextEd, ACCM, our volunteers, administrators and affiliates are not liable for any damages or loss following the use of our service.