Head & Hands Health Services


Head & Hands Health Services

Head & Hands is a health clinic for youth ages 12-25 near the Vendome metro station. They offer free, anonymous STD testing, even if you’re not covered by RAMQ. Head & Hands also has a lot of other services, including medical check ups, getting contraception, transitioning, and more.

They offer a walk-in clinic on most Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 4:45pm. Everyone who comes in for the clinic is given a name card and entered into a draw. At 5:00pm, they draw 10 names to decide who sees the doctor. Currently, their medical services are under revision. You can check on their calendar to ensure the clinic is happening before you go!

They recommend bringing your Medicare card if you have it, but you can still see someone if you don’t have it.

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