Privacy Tips

We do a lot at SextEd to lower the chances that anyone can find out if you use the texting helpline. We also make sure your data is secure, and we don’t share personal information unless we’re legally obligated.

When you send us a text, we don’t see  your name or phone number. We use a system that automatically encrypts your personal information and assigns a random ID. So, when we answer a question, we don’t see any information that might identify you.

If you use a computer to look at this site, you’ll also be able to push the blue LEAVE NOW button in the bottom right at any point. This will take you to If you’re using a phone, you can practice quickly pressing the homescreen or apps button.

If someone else sees your phone bill, our number will show up as a regular number with a 514 area code. Our number is for texting only. If anyone decides to call our number, a message will say that the call could not be completed because the number can’t receive calls.

What you can do

On your end, your conversations with SextEd will look like any other text conversation you might have. If you’re worried about a friend or parent accidentally seeing your texts, here are some things you can do to protect your privacy:

  • Save SextEd under a different name in your phone so that it looks like you’re texting a friend
  • Delete your conversation with SextEd after you ask a question
  • Lock your phone so only you can open it
  • Set up your lock screen so it doesn’t show previews of your texts
  • If you want to follow our links, make sure your browser history isn’t saved.
    • Delete your browsing history after, or…
    • Copy and paste the link into Chrome’s incognito mode or a similar program