Inclusive Sex Ed Language Presentation

Inclusive Sex Ed Language Presentation

In order to better serve LGBTQIA+ youth, we’ve done a lot of research and thinking on the language we use on this site and in out texts. We’ve decided to share some of the resources we use for inclusive sex ed language, so that other services and educators can use them too.

These resources are always evolving as language changes and we find now strategies. We always welcome comments and suggestions at sexted [at] accmontreal [dot] org.

Please know that since first sharing this presentation and checklist in June 2015, we’ve updated it several times. Our most recent update was in 2017 and some language and choices may not fit our current standards.

Inclusive Sex Ed Language Infographics

Adapting-Sex-Ed-Language-Anatomy-infographic Adapting-Sex-Ed-Language-Body-Functions-infographic Adapting-Sex-Ed-Language-Identities-Infographic