There are a lot of words that people can use for different reasons. These can also change between communities. People can always choose the words that are right for them!

We’ve listed a few common words. We’ll try to keep this up to date, but some might be outdated!

Bottom Growth / Dick : A sensitive part at the top of some trans men and non-binary people’s external parts. It often grows if someone starts to take testosterone.

Bottom Surgery: Surgery that changes a person’s genitals. Some examples are vaginoplasty, phalloplasty and metoidioplasty.

Chest: Some people can use the more general word to specifically talk about the chest of trans men or non-binary people who haven’t had top surgery.

Front Hole: A hole in some trans men and non-binary people’s external parts. Some people like having it penetrated for sexual pleasure.

Front Hole Sex: When someone’s front hole is penetrated with a penis, a strapless, a sex toy, fingers, or something else.

Muffing: When someone uses fingers or other small objects to penetrate their partner’s inguinal canals. These are narrow, short tubes on either side of someone’s external parts.

Packing: When a trans man or non-binary person wears a prosthetic penis and/or testicles. This can give the appearance and feel of more bulging external parts.

Strapless: An external part that some trans women and non-binary people have. Some people like using it to penetrate a partner, like a strapless dildo.

Top Surgery: Surgery that changes a person’s chest. Some examples are mastectomy and breast augmentation.

Tucking: When someone pulls their strapless or penis back and secures it between their legs. It’s more common for trans woman, non-binary people and drag performers. Someone can also push their hanging bits or testicles into their inguinal canals. These are the pockets where they descended from before birth. Tucking can give the appearance and feel of flatter external parts.