Why do I Feel Dizzy or Get Headaches During Sex?


Why do I Feel Dizzy or Get Headaches During Sex?

Some people can feel dizzy or get a headache when they have sex or right after. It isn’t always something to worry about. There are lots of reasons why you might feel that way, especially if you had an orgasm.

People can feel dizzy during sex if they change positions too fast, they’re stressed, or they’re breathing too quickly. These are easy to fix! People might want to see a doctor if they’re always dizzy after sex and they have other problems like nausea, fainting, or blurred vision.

Why do I get dizzy and get headaches?

There are lots of reasons people get dizziness and headaches! The most common reason people get dizzy is because of the position they’re in. If you move your head and change positions too fast, you can get something called positional vertigo. This isn’t anything serious, but it can feel scary.

Some people also get dizzy when they’re turned on. They might breathe harder and faster than usual. This can lead to hyperventilating, where you breathe out more air than you breathe in. This can also make someone dizzy.

Although it is rare, hyperventilating can make some people pass out after they orgasm. They wake up after a few seconds. Some people say this is why an orgasm is sometimes called “la petite mort.” That means “the little death” in French!

Sex can also use a lot of energy. You can get dizzy or get a headache if you’re tired, hungry, or you haven’t had enough water.

If someone is really nervous to have sex, they might feel dizzy. A lot of people feel nervous their first time having sex, when they’re with new partners, or if they’re in pain. Anxiety can make your heart beat faster and your breathing speed up. Both of these can make someone dizzy or give them a headache.

What can I do about headaches or dizziness?

If you’re feeling dizzy, lying down and putting your legs higher than your head can help you feel better. If you don’t feel better after 10-15 minutes, a doctor could check if everything’s ok. You can also dial 311 to talk to a nurse at Info-Santé.

A few things can help headaches feel better or keep you from getting them:

  • Drink water before and after sex
  • Take slow, deep breathes during sex
  • Avoid moving too fast
  • Eat regular meals

If you think you might be anxious, talking to your partners about what’s making you nervous might help. You can also talk to a therapist or counsellor

When should I talk to a doctor?

Being dizzy or getting a headache once in a while is usually nothing to worry about. But, if it’s happening a lot of the time or you’re scared, talking to a doctor might help. Doctors can also help with other problems like feeling nauseous, getting confused, passing out or having trouble seeing during sex.

Most of the time, dizziness and headaches aren’t serious problems, even if they feel scary. You can always read more or talk to a doctor or nurse if you want more help!

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