What’s “Normal” For My Vagina or Front Hole? What Should I Do If It Smells?


What’s “Normal” For My Vagina or Front Hole? What Should I Do If It Smells?

Some people who have vaginas or front holes might worry about what’s normal. They might worry about whether or not their parts are healthy, if they smell, or other things! Learning about basic anatomy and how yours works can help.

People with vaginas or front holes have a carefully balanced system. Each has its own mild smell that means its healthy!

Sometimes, this system can get thrown off. That can cause unusual smells. People can look out for a new or bad smell. It can be a sign of a problem like an infection.

Is the health of my privates important?

The health of someone’s privates are an important part of lots of their health! Some people use the term vaginal health to talk about it. The term vagina is actually just the tube inside. It attaches to other parts like the uterus, fallopian tubes and cervix. The term vulva means are all the parts on the outside that someone can see. But, lots of people use these terms to talk about the same things!

People with vagina’s or front holes have lots of different parts. The health of their privates can affect their health in general. These privates are also self-cleaning and carefully balanced. That means that the inside of your privates clean themselves! They’re also balanced with healthy bacteria and acid levels to keep it healthy.

What affects my private’s smells?


Front hole or vaginal sex can give someone infections, especially if they don’t use protection. They can get Sexually Transmitted or Blood-Borne Infections. There are lots of different STIs. The best way to not get one is to get tested regularly and to use a barrier like a condom!


Douching is when someone puts water or soap into their vagina or front hole to clean it. People who sell douches say that they keep your privates clean, but they can actually hurt it. Most people’s front holes and vagina’s clean themselves!

Cleaning products can actually irritate someone’s privates and hurt the healthy bacterial inside. This can give someone a bacterial infection or change the way their vagina smells. If you want to clean your privates doctors recommend using a mild soap and warm water to wash the outside. Putting cleaning products inside your privates can hurt your body.

Changes in your health

Your body works as one big system that’s made up of lots of different parts. If something is wrong in one part it can affect other areas. Some people notice that the foods they eat or how much water they drink changes the way their vagina smells! Some medications can also affect the smell of someone’s privates.


Some people with vaginas or front holes have hormone cycles and menstruate. That means their bodies make different amounts of hormones during different times of the month. Sometimes these hormones can make your vagina smell or feel different.

What do I do if my private’s smells?

It’s common for someone’s privates to have a smell! Most people don’t notice other people’s smells. If you’re worried about the ways your privates smell you can wash the outside with mild soap and wear loose cotton underwear.

You can watch out for a smell that’s stronger than usual or that smells bad. It means you might have an infection. You can also look at the fluid that comes out of your vagina, it’s called discharge. Usually it’s clear or milky and looks a bit like mucous. If it’s thick, chunky or an unusual colour like green, you can talk to a doctor.

For the most part, it’s okay if your vagina has a smell. It’s good to notice what it smells like and how it changes. This can help you notice when there’s a bad change. You can talk to a doctor about any smell that’s really strong, bad, or if you have any other symptoms like itchiness.

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