What Should I do if I’m Bleeding After Sex? Is Blood Normal?


What Should I do if I’m Bleeding After Sex? Is Blood Normal?

Bleeding after sex is common. It’s usually nothing to worry about, but sometimes it can be a sign of something more serious. Bleeding a little bit after penetration from a finger, penis, or sex toy happens to a lot of people. A lot of times it happens because there wasn’t enough lubrication.

If someone notices that there’s a lot of blood or pain and it happens often, it’s a good idea for them to talk to a doctor about it. Some STIs can cause bleeding and irritation. So, it’s good to get tested and talk to a doctor to make sure there’s nothing serious happening!

Bleeding after sex in the vagina or front hole

Bleeding after penetration happens to a lot of people. A bit of bleeding that happens once in a while usually isn’t anything to worry about. It can happen because there’s not enough lubrication. Rough sex can also cause small tears in the vagina or front hole which makes it bleed.

The skin in and around your genitals is very sensitive, so even a small scratch from someone’s untrimmed fingernails can cause bleeding! You can prevent this by asking your partner to trim their nails, be more gentle, use latex gloves, or use more lube.

Other medical issues can cause vaginal bleeding. A common issue is inflammation in your genitals or an STI. If you bleed after sex very often or bleed a lot it might be good to talk to a doctor.

Bleeding after sex in the anus

Small tears in the anus from sex or butt play are pretty common, just like with vaginal sex. You prevent this by using lots of lube and taking your time to warm up. This means building up to bigger toys or a penis by adding one finger at a time and doing things that feel good first. Going too fast can cause tears that make you bleed.

Other reasons you might bleed from your anus are problems like an STI or hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in your anus. If you have pain in your butt or you’re bleeding a lot, a doctor might be able to help find the problem. Most of these problems are easy to identify and treat!

If your anus bleeds after sex, it’s a good idea to take a break from putting anything in it. This will give it a chance to heal. More sex could make small cuts worse, and cuts make it easier to get STIs.

Bleeding after sex from the penis

Bleeding from the penis can have lots of causes. If it happens during sex, it could be from an injury to the urethra or prostate. This problem is common if you had rough sex or haven’t had sex in a long time.

It could also be from an STI, skin infection, or eating a lot of spicy foods. All these things might also cause bleeding while peeing. If that’s happening to you, it’s good to talk to a doctor. You should also talk to a doctor if you’re bleeding a lot and it happens often.

If blood gets into someone’s genitals, it could give them an STI. It’s a good idea to get an STI test if this happened so you know if you have one or gave one to someone else. If you’re bleeding heavily and it’s not stopping, something serious could be wrong and it can be good to talk to a doctor.

To learn more about lube, safety, and bleeding, check the resources below! You can buy lube at most pharmacies next to the condoms. You can also get it for free from ACCM, Head and Hands, and some free clinics.

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