The Penis – Parts & Anatomy Down There


The Penis – Parts & Anatomy Down There

Penises are part of a big system that does a lot of different things! Even though some people think penises are one thing, it’s actually a bunch of different parts like the glans, shaft, urethra, and testicles.

Some people worry that there’s something wrong with their penises. But, it’s good to know that people’s penises look a lot of different ways. All of these are healthy and common!

If ever your penis hurts or you’re worried about it, then you can talk to a doctor. They can make sure everything is okay.

The top of the penis

The glans or head is the tip of the penis. For some people, it’s covered by loose skin called the foreskin. But other people have that piece of skin removed in a small surgery called a circumcision. If someone’s circumcised they can see the head all the time. If they’re not circumcised they’ll need to pull back their foreskin to see it.

The urethra is a big tube that starts at your bladder, where pee is stored. It goes up to the tip of your penis where pee comes out. You can see the opening of the urethra on the tip of the glans. The pre-cum and semen that comes out in an orgasm also come out of the urethra.

The rest of the penis

The shaft is the length of the penis. It goes from the bottom of your stomach to its head. Inside of the shaft, there’s two lines of tissue called corpus cavernosum. These fill up with blood when someone’s turned on. This is what makes you get erections! There’s also a third line of tissue called the corpus spongiosum. It also fills up with blood to make sure your urethra stays open.

Testicles are below the shaft. These are two round balls covered in loose skin. Their main role is making sperm, the stuff that can get someone pregnant. Testicles are also important because they help your body make and manage hormones like testosterone.

How do I take care of it?

Taking care of your penis is like taking care of any other part of your body. You can keep it clean with gentle soap. Certain ingredients could make the skin on your penis hurt or get red or itchy. If you’re uncircumcised, you can pull your foreskin back and clean underneath it. This will make sure it stays clean and doesn’t get infected.

Try to pay attention to how it feels when you pee, have sex, or masturbate. That way you can notice if something changes. Doctors also recommend checking your testicles for lumps once a month, especially after you finish puberty. If you find a lump you can talk to a doctor to make sure it’s okay.

How do I know if mine’s normal?

Almost all penises look different and that’s okay! Some may be thicker, thinner, bigger, smaller, straight or curved and that’s common. Most penises are healthy and common, but you can ask a doctor for help if you’re ever in pain or worried. 

Even if your body doesn’t look like someone else’s, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it! Knowing about your private parts is an important part of understanding your body. It can help you feel more confident and notice any changes!

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