Sex Toys for Trans Pleasure: An Introduction


Sex Toys for Trans Pleasure: An Introduction

Shopping for sex toys sometimes feels risky or overwhelming for people who are trans, non-binary or both. Unfortunately, a lot of companies also focus on toys for cisgender people. They can also have really gendered boxes. It can be hard, but there are lots of ways to find the perfect toy that feels great.

Some toys can be gender-affirming for some trans and non-binary people. This means they affirm your gender identity. You can look for toys that feel comfortable, pleasurable, and affirming!

Shopping for Sex Toys

Some people don’t feel comfortable going to sex shops in person. Most companies have online stores to see what they have or order online. There are no age restrictions to buy sex toys in Canada. But a lot of sex shops won’t let you inside until you’re 18.

There are more inclusive sex shops that are feminist, queer-friendly, or both! They can feel safer for a lot of people. More of them have sex toys for trans and non-binary people too! There aren’t any in Montreal. But there are options if you’re shopping online or you’re in another city!

  • Venus Envy in Ottawa
  • Come As You Are in Toronto
  • Good For Her in Toronto

Safer Sex with Toys

Using and cleaning sex toys in certain ways can lower your risk for STIs and other issues. Using water-based lube can help keep most toys in good condition.

Cleaning sex toys with soap and water can help prevent infections. You can clean most of them with soap and water. And you can also sterilize some toys by boiling them or putting them in the dishwasher.

You can lower your risk for STIs by avoiding sharing toys. You can also put a condom or dental dam over some toys.

Finding the Right Sex Toys

There are lots of sex toys that are more popular for trans and non-binary people. Some are even specifically made for trans bodies!


Dildos are long sex toys that people can use to penetrate a mouth, front hole, or anus. You can also play with it by licking, touching, and stroking. They come in different shapes, sizes, textures, materials, and colours. Small, finger-sized dildos can work well for muffing.


Strap-ons are dildos that you wear with a harness or underwear. You can wear them in front of your privates. Some people feel less dysphoria from ones that attach to their thigh or face.

Some people use strap-ons because hormones make it hard to penetrate with their strapless. You can also use them after bottom surgery.

Lots of people use strap-ons because they feel gender-affirming. There are also strapless dildoes. These have a part that sits in people’s front hole. They let people penetrate with or without a harness and feel more sensations. This sometimes feels affirming.

Packers and Pumps

Packers are prosthetics that can you wear in front of pants or underwear. You can wear them with a strap or harness to reduce gender dysphoria. Some even work as stand-to-pee devices. You can also use some packers during sex like strap-ons.

You can put a pump over your privates and use suction to increase blood flow. They can increase growth, sensation, and stimulation. Some pumps are made for bottom growth.


A vibrator is a sex toy that vibrates in ways that can feel great. They can come in lots of shapes, colours and sizes. Depending on the toy, you can use them on the inside or outside of your privates.

Small vibrators like bullet vibes can be good for muffing. Vibrators sometimes help if estrogen makes your privates more sensitive.

Wand vibrators like the Magic Wand can help prevent dysphoria. They’re long enough that you can use them without touching your privates.


A stroker is a masturbation sleeve that lets you feel like you’re penetrating a mouth, front hole, anus, or vagina. They can have different materials and textures that can feel great. Some people like strokers because they can masturbate without touching their privates.

You can also find strokers for bottom growth. Some brands are Buck Angel and New York Toy Collective.

The Ohnut

The Ohnut is a stretchy ring that sits at the base of a strapless, dildo, or penis. It acts as a buffer to make penetration less deep. You can stack a few to find the right depth.

The Ohnut can help people who have pain when they’re penetrated. It can also help people who are healing after bottom surgery.

What now?

Sex shops are sometimes stressful. A lot of them focus on cisgender people. Thankfully, there are options!

As more people look for inclusive sex shops and toys made for trans and non-binary people, there will be more of them. In the meantime, you can look for sex toys that work and feel right for you!

More info

Trans Care BC

A detailed BC government health website for trans and non-binary people.


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