Sex Slang: What Do These Funny Words Mean?


Sex Slang: What Do These Funny Words Mean?

There are many slang words to do with sex. Some are new names for common sex acts, while others are mostly meant to be jokes. This is a collection of funnier terms, what they mean, and the acts’ possible risks for infection.

Rusty trombone

A rusty trombone is slang for giving a handjob to someone’s penis while rimming them (giving oral sex on their anus). Using your mouth and jerking your hand back and forth in that position can look like playing the trombone.

Giving a handjob to a penis only has a risk of skin-to-skin STIs such as herpes. Rimming can spread many more viral and bacterial STIs, as well as other infections like E. coli. You can make the rusty trombone safer by using a dental dam: a thin sheet of latex that can be held over the anus.


A blumpkin is slang for giving oral sex to a penis while the receiving partner is pooping.

Blumpkins involve the same risks of STI transmission as regular oral sex on a penis. However, if feces (poop) gets near or inside your mouth, you could also get infections like E. coli, salmonella, or norovirus.

Alaskan Pipeline

An Alaskan Pipeline is slang for when somebody poops into a condom, freezes it, and then uses it as a dildo.

Freezing a condom can make it more likely to break. This means using an Alaskan Pipeline has a high risk of infections that spread through poop, like E. coli. Putting another, unfrozen, condom over the Alaskan Pipeline may add a layer of protection and decrease the chances of infection.

The Plumber

The Plumber is a sexual position where one partner is penetrated by the other and they stay joined for a long time. Neither partner is trying to have an orgasm. It’s called this because “you stay in all day, but nobody comes.” Some people like having slow sex because they feel it’s more intimate and can lead to more powerful orgasms later. This kind of slow sex is also sometimes called tantric sex.

The Plumber has the same risks of STIs and pregnancy as regular vaginal or anal sex. Using lots of lube can help prevent tearing inside the vagina or anus caused by dryness.  Lube can also prevent the condom from breaking.

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