Am I Ready to Be In Love? What Even is Love?


Am I Ready to Be In Love? What Even is Love?

Knowing when you’re ready to be in love isn’t always as straight-forward as it may seem. Lots of things can make knowing when you’re ready for it complicated. And sometimes, we aren’t even sure if we know what love really is!

So, what is love?

Knowing what love is and what it means is something very unique to you! Only you get to decide these things for yourself. Sometimes, it can help to talk to people you trust about what love means for them. This can help you get a sense of how other people have experienced it in their lives. In the end though, what matters most is how you feel and what you need!

Remember, love is an emotion. Like other emotions, what may make one person feel one way, like happy or angry or surprised, can make another person feel differently. That’s why it can be helpful to understand how you feel about it for yourself. When you can start feeling comfortable understanding what love means to you, answering the question of knowing if you’re ready for it can be easier. It can also make it easier to find and navigate healthy relationships!

Understand how you may be feeling and why

Letting yourself be in love may take time. There are lots of reasons why it can be scary! It can also feel good, or exciting, or many things all at the same time.

It’s okay to feel confused or to question how you’re feeling. Understanding if you’re ready to fall in love, and what that means for you, can be challenging. You could try asking yourself things like:

  • When I think about love, what comes to my mind? 
  • How do my partners feel about it?
  • What do my partners and I want it to feel like?
  • Do my partners and I want to be in love? Why or why not?
  • Do my partners and I agree on what love means to us, and what role we want it to play in our relationships?

You can also do thought exercises like imagining what a loving relationship might look like to you! Try thinking about how you think people in love might talk to each other, feel about each other, or treat each other. How do you feel about the things that come to mind? Does it seem like something you want?

Try to remember that these questions are just guidelines. You can use them, or have them inspire you to think of other questions! The important thing is to try and help you get a sense of what these ideas can mean for you. Also, remember that your answers to these questions are not permanent. You can change your answers at any time!

For some people, it can be helpful to come back and reevaluate your answers from time to time. It can also be helpful to talk about these ideas with someone you trust, like a close friend or family member! Checking in with yourself and your partners can also be a good way to maintain healthy communication in your relationships.

Relationships can evolve and change, just like your feelings for someone. Deciding if you’re in love now doesn’t mean you will always feel that way, or even that you should.

What does it mean if I’m in love?

Sometimes when people talk about being in love, they are talking about a romantic connection. This isn’t always the case, though! You can love someone as a friend, as family, as part of your community, or in lots of other ways! And because it can feel different to different people, people can also need or want different things from it.

You can love someone without wanting to date or have sex with them, or even without wanting to be around them a lot of the time. The way you love someone can last for a little while or for a long time. It can happen from a distance, or when you see them every day.You can want marriage and kids with someone, or you can just want to hang out, and still have a loving and healthy relationship. The important thing is that you have healthy relationships that feel good for you and the other people in them!

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