Period Sex: Is it OK? Is it fun? Is it safe?


Period Sex: Is it OK? Is it fun? Is it safe?

Some people might wonder if you can have sex on your period. The short answer is yes! Some people might like sex more on their periods. It can help with cramps and lubrication. But, not everyone likes to have sex on their periods.

Like any kind of sex, there are different ways to have period sex. You and your partner can talk before about safer sex. It’s especially important when someone’s on their period because there’s a higher risk of passing on some STIs.

Can I still get pregnant or get an STI when having period sex?

Because of the blood, there’s a higher risk of getting or passing on HIV or Hepatitis when you have period sex. Using condoms, gloves or dental dams can help make it less likely someone gets an STI.

It’s not common, but it’s possible to get pregnant when you’re on your period. This is more likely when you have a short cycle. Sperm, which is what can make someone pregnant, can live for up to three days. So, even if you have sex when you’re on your period, the sperm can make you pregnant a few days later. Condoms and other types of birth control can stop pregnancy when your on your period

What can I do if my partner does’t like blood?

Lots of people don’t like blood. If your partners don’t want to have period sex, then you shouldn’t pressure them. It’s okay for people have things they like or don’t like.

If someone doesn’t want to touch blood they can use a condom, glove or dental dam. If you’re worried about blood staining your sheets, you can put down a dark coloured towel.

Tampons and menstrual cups should be taken out before you put anything inside you. But, you can have oral sex with these in.

Period sex doesn’t sound like it’s for me. Can I pass?

It’s okay to not want to have period sex! Everyone has things they like and don’t like. There are lots of reasons someone might not want to do it:

  • They don’t feel comfortable with their periods
  • It makes some people who are transgender, non-binary, either or both feel dysphoric
  • They’re in a lot of pain
  • They don’t like blood
  • For no specific reason, they just don’t like it!

Just like with any other sex act, the most important thing is that you and your partner are both excited about it and have a good time!

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