Penis Size: What’s Normal? Can I Make My Penis Bigger?


Penis Size: What’s Normal? Can I Make My Penis Bigger?

A lot of people worry that their penis isn’t big enough. It’s common to be insecure about your penis size. It might help to know that penises range in shapes and sizes and they can all give and get pleasure! The average size for a penis is 5-6.5 inches if you’re turned on or erect. If you’re not turned on, the average size is 1-4 inches. That means that some people fit in that range, but others are smaller or bigger. 

Lots of people think the size of their penis is important to make their partner feel good. But a lot of people don’t care about size. The way you treat partners and if you listen to what feels good for them are usually more important!

We try to support all bodies and terms people use for their bodies. Though this article doesn’t talk about bottom growths or surgically made penises, we have lots of other resources for any questions you have about them!

Normal penis sizes

Almost all penises look different, and that’s okay! Some may be thicker, thinner, bigger, smaller, straight or curved and that’s common. Most penises are great, but you can ask a doctor for help if you’re ever in pain or worried. 

The size of someone’s penis comes from their genetics. It’s like their eye colour or hair colour. This makes penis size hard to change. It also changes when you’re turned on or erect. Some penises get much bigger when they’re erect, but others don’t. Penis size doesn’t have to do with the size of someone’s hands or feet, race, height, or weight.  

Penises grow the most during puberty. Everyone starts puberty at a different age and it usually takes around 4 years to finish. Most people’s penises will start growing when they’re 10-15 years old. On average, they stop growing when they’re around 19. 

Does penis enlargement work?

There are a lot of ads that sell things to make penises bigger. Most of these things don’t work. The only safe way to make penises bigger is through surgery. But most doctors won’t let you have surgery unless there’s a problem with your penis.

One thing you might see advertised is pills and lotions. These aren’t effective. They can even be dangerous because no one knows what’s in them. You might also see is a massage technique called Jelquing. There’s no proof this works and it can damage or scar your penis.

Other things you might see are penis extenders, vacuum pumps, or injections. None of these things can safely make a penis bigger. Most of them can also do a lot of damage to your privates.

If you’re worried about your penis size, you can think about talking to a doctor or trusted adult. They can help you feel more comfortable in your body. They can also suggest safe things you can do to feel better. 

Safe ways to increase a penis size

If you’re very worried about the size of your penis, a couple of things can help it look or feel like it’s bigger: 

  • Trim the hair around the base of your penis
  • Wear a cock ring. It can make your erection stronger which can make your penis seem bigger.
  • If you’re penetrating your partner, try switching positions. It might help you penetrate further.
  • Wear a penis sleeve or prosthetic attachments. You won’t have feeling in the prosthetic but your partner will feel it!

Penis size and porn

It’s important to remember that the penises in porn are much bigger than average. Many performers get chosen because they have big penises. It’s rare to see average size penises. Remember that porn is a show and the people you’re seeing are actors. The bodies in porn don’t always look like most people’s bodies. 

There’s no one way for a penis to look. Everyone’s body is different, so their genitals will also look different. Most people who like penises are happy with their partner’s size. Chances are it’s healthy and desirable!

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