Penis Size: What’s Normal? Can I Make My Penis Bigger?


Penis Size: What’s Normal? Can I Make My Penis Bigger?

Many people worry their penis isn’t big enough or “normal”. Know that it’s common for penises to range in shape and size, and they can all give and get pleasure!

The average erect penis size for an adult is 5.2 inches. This is the average, so most penises are actually smaller or bigger than that. If you’re still worried, know that it’s common! In fact, half of people with penises think theirs are too small.

Penises of all shapes and sizes are healthy, normal, and desired. Partners often care less about the size of the penis than about how you treat them and how you make them feel.

Penis size myths

Penis size doesn’t have to do with how tall someone is or the size of their hands or feet. It also isn’t related to how big a penis is when it’s flaccid. Some penises get a lot bigger when hard, while others don’t. Penis size also has nothing to do with race or how thin or fat someone is.

There are many other variations in penises. Many have a natural curve to them. They can have larger or smaller heads. They can also release different amounts of pre-cum, the clear fluid that comes out of an erect penis. All of these are common and healthy if they haven’t changed suddenly and there isn’t any pain or discomfort.

Our genetics form our bodies. So, just like hair colour, or breast size, penis size and shape is written in your DNA. Because penis size is genetic, it can’t be changed by any kind of exercise or pill. Some people think that losing weight can make a penis bigger, but it doesn’t change the actual length.

Also, bigger isn’t necessarily better! There are some people who prefer bigger penises while there are also people who prefer smaller or average sized penises. The vagina also doesn’t have many nerve endings past 3 inches in, so many people might not even be able to feel a difference. Many people with partners who have smaller than average penises actually say they’re more sexually satisfied than they would be with a partner whose penis was bigger!

Penis size and puberty

Puberty can last until you’re 25, and until you’re about 21, your penis size can grow and shrink as you grow older. Our bodies are all really different so every penis grows at a different speed and there’s a wide variety of penis sizes and shapes at any age, especially before people are 21.

It can be worrying if your penis size changes, but it can happen because of how cold it is, changes in hormones, how erect your penis is when you measure it, or even how you measure it. A lot of the time, the change goes away, so it helps to wait and see. Unless there’s any pain or discomfort, there’s probably no need to see a doctor.

Does penis enlargement work?

The only proven way to enlarge a penis permanently is through surgery. You might see ads for things like pills, creams, vitamins, massages, and devices that say they’ll make your penis bigger, but none of these has been proven effective. Because these aren’t approved or regulated medicines and devices, some can also hurt your body over time, and it’s safer to avoid them.

A vacuum device can be used to make your penis bigger temporarily. The device is put over your penis while air is pumped through it. Because of this, blood rushes to the penis making it bigger. You can put a cock ring at the base of your penis to maintain it, but the results only last about a day. There can be some side effects like pain or swelling, so these should be used with caution.

Some people say that shaving around the penis can help it look bigger, which can feel good for some people. There are also some sex toys called penis extenders. These go over or placed at the top of a penis to make it bigger. So, while any size of penis can give pleasure, people who like the idea of being bigger might enjoy these.

Penis size and race

There are a lot of false stereotypes around people’s race and their penis size. The reality is that penis size varies from person to person, and not by their race or ethnocultural origin. There are plenty of people with a variety of origins with big, small, and average penis sizes.

Penis size and porn

It’s important to remember that the penises we see in places like porn are much larger than average. Many performers are chosen because they have larger penises, and ones that are average sizes are more rare.

Seeing nothing but larger penises can make a lot of people with penises that are close to average worry it might be smaller. Remember the penises in porn are for show, and the actors in porn are putting on a performance. There are also many more close-ups here, so keep in mind that you see your penis from further away. It can help to see how it would look close up by using a hand mirror or taking a picture.

Remember that vaginal and anal sex are just a few of the many ways you can give and get pleasure. Many people prefer oral sex, mutual masturbation, or more. If you’re nervous about your penis size, you can explore many other kinds of sex and find new ways you and your partners can enjoy yourselves!

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