Do I Need to Clean My Foreskin? How Do I Do It?


Do I Need to Clean My Foreskin? How Do I Do It?

It’s a good idea to wash your foreskin every day, especially if you’ve been doing a sweaty activity like working out or having sex. This can help prevent infections!

Why do I need to clean my foreskin?

If you leave cum on your foreskin, it can get itchy or sore and start smelling bad. If you don’t clean your foreskin for too long, it can also cause some infections, like posthitis and balanitis. Posthitis an infection that’s usually caused by fungus growing  in the warm and moist area. Balanitis is an infection of the head of the penis, and is usually caused by not washing often enough.

How do I clean my foreskin?

Try using a gentle moisturizing soap that doesn’t have a lot of ingredients. It doesn’t need to be an antibacterial soap, and these can dry out the delicate skin. Also, try not to put the soap directly on your penis; because it’s such a sensitive area this can irritate it. Instead, you can make a lather with your hands and use this to wash your penis. Another tip, try not to soap up the area for too long because it can start burning or stinging.

Gently pull back the skin and get soap and water in all of the creases. Rinse well and you’re done!

Can I cum in my foreskin?

Certainly! It can get uncomfortable and raise your risk for some infections, but it’s an option, and you can always wash it after.

If you don’t want to wash up right away, you can try pulling back the foreskin and cumming onto a paper towel, wash cloth or your hand.

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