LGBTQ+ Montreal: A guide to queer life in the city


LGBTQ+ Montreal: A guide to queer life in the city

Montreal has a large, vibrant, and diverse LGBTQ+ community. If you’re a queer person in Montreal looking for resources, support, affirming healthcare, or just somewhere to meet people, you have lots of options!

This is by no means a list of every resource available, and not everything here may be useful for you personally. But we’ve tried to provide a wide range of services, resources, and organizations to give you an idea of what’s there for LGBTQ+ people of all types in Montreal.

Where can I get gender-affirming gear?

Project 10 has free gender gear if you’re under 25. You can get things like chest binders, breast forms, trans tape, gaffs and packers. Kontak also has discounts on stand-to-pee devices, packers, and more! The Center for Gender Advocacy also has binders and other gender-affirming gear for free or pay-what-you-can.

For more on gender-affirming gear, check out our FAQ!

Where can I find help with transitioning?

Project 10 and ASTTEQ have lists of queer and trans-friendly psychologists, doctors, and clinics where you can get hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Both of these organizations have support services, including accompaniment and healthcare advocacy services for trans people accessing gender-affirming care. You can also find voice therapy, hair removal, and other gender-affirming services in Project 10’s list!

Clinique Meraki provides health services, support and referrals to community resources for gender-diverse youth and their families. They’ll be able to help you if you have questions about social or medical transition, and help you along the process. Clinique Meraki also supports caregivers who wish to support gender non-conforming children in different settings (family, academic, community).

The Center for Gender Advocacy also has information and resources for trans and queer health and legal services. They can help you with things like filling out paperwork for name or gender marker changes!

What are some clinics that are queer and trans friendly?

If you’re between the ages of 13 and 25, Head and Hands has an inclusive, non-judgmental and queer-positive environment. Their healthcare services are also free with or without RAMQ!

Clinics like Rézo and Clinique Quartier Latin offer STI services to gbMSM (gay and bisexual men who have sex with men). There’s also L’Actuel and Clinique La Licorne!

Where can I find peer support? What about a support group for people like me?

Project 10 offers groups for LGBTQ+ teens and youth. They also have a QTBIPOC Full Circle group for queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of colour (QTBIPOC) ages 14-25 (for more resources for QTBIPOC specifically, see below!). The Centre for Gender Advocacy offers one-on-one peer support sessions. And our parent organization, ACCM, has queer and trans-positive support staff and groups for people living with HIV (PLWHIV) or hep C!

Where can I find queer and trans-affirming therapy?

You can find a queer and trans-affirming therapist through the Montreal Pride Therapy Network. This is a network of local mental health professionals who have experience working with LGBTQ+ people. All the practitioners with the network offer sliding-scale rates, with a low-income rate of $40 CAD per session.

Where can I find resources for LGBTQ+ immigrants and refugees?

AGIR Montreal is a group of LGBTQ+ migrants and refugees living in Quebec who provide services and support for other LGBTQ+ migrants and refugees in Quebec. The provide individual support, community events, and educational programs in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

Medecins du Monde also runs a free clinic for migrants with precarious status in Quebec. You can find more info and contact them to make an appointment here.

Where can I find resources or events for queer and trans BIPOC specifically?

The Lavender Collective is a Black-led community organization dedicated to helping BIPOC access culturally sensitive mental health care and support from BIPOC mental health professionals.

Montreal Helem serves the Arabic-speaking LGBTQ+ community in Montreal.

For Indigenous Montrealers, the Native Friendship Centre has resources and support by and for 2spirit people.

Jhalak Montreal provides educational and support events for queer South Asian men. There’s also an active private Facebook group for LGBTQ+ Asians of Montreal.

For QTBIPOC-only social events, there’s Entre Nous, an organization that throws flaming parties with Black queer women and nonbinary people in mind. Sweet Like Honey also runs events for BIPOC women who relate to the lesbian/sapphic experience!

Where can I find support on-campus?

There are on-campus LGBTQ+ student associations at McGill, Concordia, Universite de Montreal, and many CEGEPs. You can contact the student union at your school for more info!

Where can I find resources for LGBTQ+ youth?

The West Island LGBTQ+ Centre has groups and services for LGBTQ+ youth in Montreal. So does Project10! For information on gay-straight alliances and other youth-focused resources, you can check out Interligne’s network.

Where can I find resources for LGBTQ+ elders?

The West Island LGBTQ+ Centre has groups and services for LGBTQ+ seniors in Montreal. There’s also Gay and Grey, which has regular updates, events, and other resources for LGBTQ+ people over 50! And Fondation Emergence’s Ageing Gayfully has support for LGBTQ+ seniors, as well as training for those providing services to LGBTQ+ elders.

Where can I meet other queer and trans people for fun activities? Or just to hang out and have a good time??

To find upcoming dance parties, drag shows, and other fun events, you can check out ElleLui! Sometimes, you can also find fun things to do at MTLBlog or CultMTL.

There’s a monthly all-ages drag brunch at Robin Des Bois in Parc Lafontaine. If you’re over 18, local performer Yikes Macaroni hosts an open-stage drag night each month!

Montreal’s gay village (also called The Village) is located in the Ville-Marie borough. There you can find lots of gay bars, community centres, queer-friendly businesses, and other things to do!

You can also often find queer-friendly events happening at local venues like Datcha, Casa del Popolo and La Sala Rossa, Notre Dame des Quilles, Cafe Cleopatra, and Cabaret Berlin.

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