I Lose My Erection When I Put On a Condom, What Can I do?


I Lose My Erection When I Put On a Condom, What Can I do?

Losing an erection can be irritating for some people. A lot of people worry about what their partner might think or who might find out. Most people who have a penis lose an erection once in a while! It doesn’t mean it’ll happen again or that you’re not into someone. A lot people lose erections because of stress, discomfort, badly fitting condoms, and lots of other reasons. But there’s a lot of things you can do to keep it from happening!

Sometimes people have so much trouble with condoms they don’t want to wear them at all. But there are other options they can try first!

Lots of things can stop pregnancy, but condoms are the only thing that stops a lot of STIs. If you decide to stop using them, you can still lower your risks from STIs. Getting tested regularly and asking partners about testing and protection can still help.

Why do I lose my erection?

Lots of people lose their erections when they put a condom on or have sex. People sometimes lose their erections even if they’re horny and excited. People can be really attracted to their partner, love what they’re doing, and still lose an erection.

There are a few common reasons why people lose erections:

  • Their condom is uncomfortable because it’s too big or too small
  • Their sexual stimulation stops for a bit when they put a condom on
  • They’re not used to wearing a condom
  • They’re worried the condom might break without a backup plan
  • They feel nervous in general
  • They have mental health problems like depression or anxiety
  • They’re using certain medications

How do I stop losing my erection?

A lot of people lose their erections because they’re worried about being good in bed. Some worry about the risks of sex. It might help to focus on the things that feel good instead of worries like staying hard. You can also talk to your partners about a backup plan in case the condom breaks, like the morning after pill or an IUD.

It might also help to practice wearing a condom to get used to the feeling. You can wear a condom when you masturbate or do other sexual things.

Some people stay more erect when their partner helps them put the condom on. You can make putting a condom on a fun thing to do! If you keep doing sexy things when you put a condom on, it can help you stay erect.

There are lots of different kinds, brands and sizes of condoms! It might help to try different ones until you find one you like the best. Even if one kind of condom isn’t comfortable for you, there might be ones that are!

Adding different kinds of lube inside the tip of the condom before you put it on can also help. You can find the combination of lube and condoms that feel amazing for you!

What can I do if nothing is helping?

Even if you’re having a lot of trouble keeping an erection, there are lots of other things you can do! You can:

  • Touch other sensitive parts of your body
  • Kiss
  • Dry hump
  • Give your partner oral
  • Use sex toys

There are lots of sexual things you can do without needing an erection or a condom. You can still use your mouth or your fingers! There are lots of ways to find new sexy and fun things. Taking away the pressure of needing an erection might even help you keep one!

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