How Can Transgender People Prevent Pregnancy?


How Can Transgender People Prevent Pregnancy?

Transgender people have sex in many different ways. Depending on what parts each partner has, some of these ways can lead to pregnancy. There are lots of ways for transgender people to prevent pregnancy if they want to.

Some transgender people transition physically while others don’t. A physical transition means that someone changes their body. This can include taking hormones, having surgery, or both. Some trans people think of their transition going from male to female (MTF), others from female to male (FTM). Other trans people might transition, but not use these terms. Some might transition in other ways, or not physically transition at all! This means that every transgender person’s body is different.

How transgender people can get pregnant

To get pregnant, a person needs to have a uterus and ovaries. A uterus is where a fetus can develop in the body. Ovaries are what make the eggs that can get fertilized and start a pregnancy. To get someone pregnant, a person needs to have a penis and testicles. These parts make sperm. When a person with these parts ejaculates in the front hole of a person with a uterus, pregnancy is possible. A front hole is what some people call a vagina.

A transgender person with a uterus can get pregnant. The risk is less if they’re taking testosterone, but it’s possible. Even if someone isn’t bleeding monthly, they may still have a chance for pregnancy. A transgender person with parts that make sperm can get someone pregnant, even if they’re taking estrogen.

How transgender people can prevent pregnancy

Transgender people with a uterus have the same birth control options as cis women. These include hormonal and non-hormonal methods. But, some trans people don’t want to take hormonal birth control. Some worry that the estrogen will make their bodies look more feminine. Others worry that it will mess with the testosterone they take. These things usually won’t happen, but there are also many birth control options that don’t use estrogen. 

If a trans person is taking birth control and hormones, it’s a good idea to make sure that their doctor knows. Because of this, their doctor may need to adjust their hormone dose.

There are many options for birth control that don’t use estrogen:

Emergency contraception for transgender people

If you’ve had front hole sex without birth control, there are ways to lower your risk. There’s an estrogen-free emergency contraception pill. You can get this pill at any pharmacy with a RAMQ card or at clinics like Head and Hands.

Doctors often give estrogen-free emergency contraception to people taking testosterone. The copper IUD doesn’t have any hormones and it can also act as emergency contraception. It can also help to talk about emergency contraception with a doctor or pharmacist.

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