Do I Need to Clean My Foreskin? How Do I Do It?


Do I Need to Clean My Foreskin? How Do I Do It?

A foreskin is a piece of skin that some people with a penis or strapless have. It covers the head of the penis and can you can pull it back. Some people don’t have one. Most of these people are circumcised. That means a procedure was done to take away their foreskin.

Foreskins give someone sensation and lubrication in their privates. But, some people’s are removed to make their privates easier to clean or for religious or cultural reasons.

People who have a one need to do a couple of extra things to keep their penis clean. They can wash it everyday with warm water and mild soap. This helps prevent infections.

Why do I need to clean my foreskin?

If someone has a foreskin, bacteria and dirt can get stuck underneath it. This can make it get itchy or start smelling bad. If you don’t clean it, you can also get an infection.

If you don’t clean it, you can also get a buildup of smegma. Smegma is a combination of dead skin, oil, and other fluids that can build up under someone’s foreskin. It might look thick and whiteish. Lots of people have smegma! But, you can wash regularly so it doesn’t get uncomfortable or smelly.

How do I clean it?

Here are some steps you can take when you’re cleaning your foreskin:

  1. Lather warm water and gentle soap in your hands
  2. Gently pull your foreskin back. Don’t force it further back then it comfortably goes
  3. Wash the area underneath with the soap
  4. Rinse the soap off with warm water
  5. Put your foreskin back in its normal position

To dry off you can gently pull your foreskin back and dry it off with a towel. When you’re cleaning your foreskin don’t pull it back further than it comfortably goes. It will start going further back as you get older. But, forcing it back can be painful and give you scars or other issues.

Can I cum in my foreskin?

Yes! But, it can get uncomfortable and make it more likely you get an infection. To prevent that, you can wash it after.

If you don’t want to cum in it you can use a paper towel or tissue paper instead!

How do I know if something’s wrong with my foreskin?

If the head of your penis is itchy, red or swollen, you might have an infection. It’s pretty common to get infections underneath your foreskin, but they’re treatable. Things like not cleaning properly, friction, or using too much soap can all cause infections. You can a pharmacist about getting a cream to help with these infections and wash regularly. If the symptoms last for more than a week, you can talk to a doctor.

If you can’t pull your foreskin back or it hurts to masturbate, have sex, or clean it, you can talk to a doctor. Sometimes people have one that’s really tight. It can take up until someone’s 17 years old or older before it loosens. But, if it causes them pain of discomfort, they can talk to a doctor about things they can do to loosen it.

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