Dental Dam: How do I Use It? Can I Make One?


Dental Dam: How do I Use It? Can I Make One?

A dental dam is a thin piece of latex that can make oral sex safer. You can hold a dental dam between a mouth and someone’s privates. This can keep people from getting or giving STIs. People who are allergic to latex can use latex-free dental dams. You can get dental dams at pharmacies or make one out of a condom or latex glove!

To make sure dental dams are effective you can check the expiry date and hold it flat against someone’s privates. They’re designed to be used once. So o you can lower your risk by using a new one every time you give or get oral sex!

How does a dental dam work?

Dental dams are a barrier between a mouth and private parts. This means it acts like a wall to keep many STIs out. Like condoms, dental dams are a barrier method for protecting people against STIs.

Dental dams keep people from sharing fluids. But they don’t always stop the spread of skin infections. If someone has HPV, herpes, or pubic lice they can still give it to their partners through areas the dental dam doesn’t cover.

How to use a dental dams?

Before you use a dental dam, you can check if it’s expired. Expired ones break more easily, but using one can still lower your risk if you don’t have anything else.

To use a dental dam, take it out of the bag and hold it flat over your partner’s privates. Try not to stretch or tear it. That would make it less effective.

Like condoms, dental dams can’t be reused. Switching to a new one every time you try a different position or kind of sex can help lower the risk for infections. If you ever forget which side goes against the privates, you can start again with a new one.

What if it’s hard to use?

It can take a little practice to figure out how to use a dental dam. You try one on your own first!

If it’s hard to keep it in place, you can try clipping it into a garter belt or a special belt for dental dams. Adding lube to the side that faces someone’s privates can feel great and help it stick in place!

If someone doesn’t like the taste of latex, they can try flavoured condoms, lube or dental dams!

How can I get a dental dam?

You can get dental dams in sex shops and some pharmacies. You can also buy them from the McGill Shag Shop. It’s also pretty simple to make a dental dam out of a condom using scissors.

  1. Take the condom out of the package
  2. Unroll the condom
  3. Cut off the tip and ring at the bottom
  4. Cut along one long side of the condom, not both

This should leave you with a latex rectangle that you can use just like a dental dam. Some people like to make a few beforehand so they always have one ready!

How to make a dental dam out of a glove?

You can also make dental dams from latex or nitrile gloves. You can buy powder-free gloves. Powder can cause some irritation or infections.

  1. Cut the fingers off the glove, but leave the thumb on
  2. Cut up the side of the glove opposite of the thumb.
  3. Now you can open the glove up and lay it flat.

You can use the sleeve that was the thumb for your tongue! Trans and non-binary people can also slip it over their bottom growth to use it as a condom.

Can I use plastic wrap as a dental dam?

Some people say that you can use plastic wrap as a dental dam. There isn’t a lot of information or research on whether it’s safe and prevents STIs. Plastic wrap is probably better than nothing, but there’s more evidence for making a dam out of a condom or glove .

Dental dams are a great way you can make oral sex safer. You can make them out of gloves and condoms or buy them at some pharmacies!

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