Can I Make Anal Sex Less Messy? Should I Douche?


Can I Make Anal Sex Less Messy? Should I Douche?

Lots of people have safe and healthy anal sex! But, wanting to douche or feeling worried about making a mess are common. It can help to know that anal sex might not be as messy as you think! Our bodies hold poop way up high, further than a finger, penis, or sex toy could reach.

A lot of people are more comfortable cleaning out their anus to avoid the chance of poop. Many people use a douche to do this. Douching is when you rinse the rectum inside your anus with a cleanser, water, or saltwater. This gets rid of any small bits of leftover poop. There are some risks that come with douching, but a few things can lower the risk.

Is anal sex safe?

Anal sex doesn’t have to be messy. People can have safer anal sex. Some risks of anal sex are infections from poop, STIs, and tiny cuts. You can lower those risks by wearing a condom, using lots of lube, and getting regular checkups.

Going from anal sex to vaginal, front hole, or oral sex can also cause infections. You can lower the risk by using a new condom and washing your penis or sex toy between each kind of sex.

Is anal clean?

A lot of people worry that poop will show up when they have anal sex. Big pieces of poop usually don’t stay where a penis, sex toy, or finger would be able to reach. It’s only in your rectum when you feel like you need to go to the bathroom. If you go to the bathroom regularly and wash the outside of your butt, anal sex probably won’t get messy.

At the same time, lots of people who are nervous that poop will show up choose to douche. Douching rinses away the small bits of poop in the rectum. This makes some people feel more comfortable. But people don’t need to douche to avoid a mess.

Is douching safe?

Doctors disagree on whether or not douching is safe. Right now, there isn’t a lot of medical information on it, even though lots of people do it. But, people have found a few things.

The rectum inside your anus is very sensitive. There’s also a lot of carefully balanced acid-base levels and bacteria. The liquid in some douches could hurt your insides. You could throw off the balance and irritate your rectum.

When your rectum gets irritated, it’s easier to get tiny cuts. These can make it easier to get an STI.

Some liquids people douche with, like soaps, beverages, or anything not meant for internal use, might also lead to long-term problems. Some people have irritation or trouble pooping. It’s not recommended to douche with cleaning solutions, or with drinks like coffee. Anal douching with alcohol also carries some risk for alcohol poisoning.

How can I douche safely?

If you feel more comfortable douching before anal sex, a few things can make it safer. You can use a liquid called normal saline. The liquid matches the healthy balance in your body. You can get a premade one called a fleet enema at most pharmacies. You can also make one at home by mixing half a teaspoon of salt with a cup of lukewarm water.

You can also make sure the water isn’t too hot. The skin on your insides is very sensitive. Water that’s a little less than lukewarm won’t hurt them. You can also loosen up your anus with a finger and a lot of lube before you put a douche in.

A lot of people say that you should only douche 2-3 times a week. Even if you’re being as safe as you can, douching too much irritate your rectum.

Douching at least an hour before anal play can make sure everything comes out and the rectum isn’t too irritated.

What are other ways I can keep clean?

There are lots of ways to keep clean before and during anal that don’t involve douching! You can choose what works best for you. You can combine some of these things, use one of them, or none at all! Some recommended ways of cleaning up before anal sex include:

  • Wiping down the outside of your butt before sex
  • Avoid eating for a few hours before
  • Avoid coffee and caffeine
  • Avoid laxatives
  • Eat lots of fibre to make sure you’re going to the bathroom regularly
  • Use a lubed finger or sex toy to check for poop before you start anal play

There are lots of ways to feel confident and clean before having anal sex!

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