Can I Get Pregnant from ______?


Can I Get Pregnant from ______?

If you have a vagina and you have sex with someone with a penis, you might wonder if you can get pregnant from different kinds of sex. Remember that you can only get pregnant if:

  • You have a vagina, uterus, and ovaries.
  • You’ve started puberty.
  • You ovulate. Ovulation is when your ovaries release eggs around once a month. The first time this happens is close to your first period.
  • Your partner has a penis and makes sperm.
  • Your partner’s sperm (from their semen) goes into your vagina.

Also remember that pregnancy risk isn’t related to the risk of getting an STI (sexually transmitted infection). Even if you can’t get pregnant from something, you could still get an STI. To prevent STIs, it’s important to use different forms of protection, like condoms or dental dams. It helps to get tested regularly.

Can I get pregnant from pre-cum? My partner pulled out.

Yes, you can get pregnant even if your partner pulls out before ejaculating (cumming). Pulling out is also called withdrawal, and using it for birth control is called the withdrawal method.

Pre-cum is a clear liquid that comes out of an erect penis, through a tube called the urethra. Pre-cum is also called pre-seminal fluid or pre-ejaculatory fluid. It comes out when the person when the penis is aroused, even if they don’t orgasm or ejaculate.

Semen (cum, containing sperm) and urine (pee) also come out through the urethra. That means the urethra can have a little bit of sperm left over from past ejaculation. The pre-cum that comes out of an erect penis can carry this sperm into the vagina.  This is rare, and usually, peeing before sex will clear out sperm from the urethra.

Some people might also have sperm inside their pre-cum even after peeing, but this is still being researched.

Besides the small amount of sperm in pre-cum, you could also get pregnant for some other reasons:

  • Sometimes, someone can ejaculate without realizing.
  • Someone might have started ejaculating before pulling out.
  • If your partner ejaculated close to your vulva, the semen could run into your vagina.

Overall, withdrawal by itself isn’t that effective at preventing pregnancy. Other forms of birth control, like condoms, the pill, patch, ring, shot, or IUD, can lower the chances further.

Can I get pregnant from oral sex or swallowing cum?

No, you can’t get pregnant from oral sex. If you swallow semen, your body will digest it. There’s also no way for sperm to get from your stomach into your reproductive organs.

Can I get pregnant from anal sex?

You can’t get pregnant from having sperm inside your anus. But since it’s close to the vagina, there is a small risk it can drip down and go inside the vagina. So it’s possible, but not likely.

Your vagina, uterus, and ovaries aren’t connected to your anus. So, there’s no way for sperm in the anus to get to an egg in the uterus or Fallopian tubes if it doesn’t go in through the vagina.

Can I get pregnant from period sex?

Yes. It’s only possible to get pregnant when your ovaries release eggs (ovulation). Sperm can live for up to 5 days in your body. If you ovulate early after your period, the sperm can still be alive to fertilize the egg. This means you could get pregnant.

While most adults ovulate more than 5 days after, many people can have irregular ovulation and periods, especially teenagers. So it’s hard to know for certain when you will or won’t get pregnant.

Can I get pregnant from a condom slipping off inside my vagina?

Yes. You can get pregnant if:

  • The condom slipped off or broke before your partner ejaculated. This is because there can be sperm in your partner’s pre-cum. The risk is very low.
  • The condom slipped off or broke and your partner ejaculated inside you. This is the same as having sex without a condom. There is a high risk of pregnancy.
  • Your partner ejaculated inside the condom, then the condom slipped off or broke. This means semen was spilled into your vagina.

Can I get pregnant from sperm going through my underwear?

Sperm (the little swimmers in semen) live for a very short time outside the body. They also need to stay in a liquid (like semen) to survive. They can’t move on their own. When your partner ejaculates onto something dry, like clothes, sheets, or towels, sperm will die quickly. When the semen is dry, the sperm are also dead.

You won’t get pregnant if your partner ejaculates on underwear. The sperm will die on fabric, and can’t get through it to the vagina.

You can’t get pregnant from sperm going through your underwear. You can only get pregnant if your partner’s semen gets into or right onto your vagina.

Can I get pregnant from fingering or a handjob?

No, you can’t get pregnant from fingering or handjobs.

However, if there is fresh, wet semen on fingers and those fingers are put into your vagina, you might get pregnant. This is unlikely because sperm will die quickly. You cannot get pregnant if the semen is dry, and washing your hands will kill all of the sperm.

I did something that could get me pregnant! Now what?

If you’ve just had sex without a condom or birth control and you don’t want to get pregnant, you may want to take Plan B (a morning-after pill). It’s an emergency contraceptive that prevents pregnancy.

  • You can only take it within 3-5 days of sex, but it works better the sooner you take it.
  • You can buy it at any age without a prescription by asking a pharmacist.
  • In  Quebec, you have to consult with the pharmacist before buying it.
  • It costs between $20-30, but some clinics have it for free. It might be covered by your insurance.
  • Plan B doesn’t end a pregnancy because it’s not an abortion. It stops the egg from coming out, like the birth control pill.
  • This means that it doesn’t work if you’re already pregnant.

You might be uncomfortable or worried about talking to someone at a regular pharmacy. Head & Hands is a safe, judgment-free clinic for youth in Montreal. The clinic doesn’t sell Plan B, but they can give you a prescription so you don’t have to consult with the pharmacist. Head & Hands can also tell you where to find Plan B for free or cheap. You can learn more about them in the resources below!

If you’re reading this more to be prepared, you can also get Plan B now and keep it in a drawer, just in case. This could make things a lot less stressful if anything does happen!

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