Can I Make Anal Sex Less Messy? Should I Douche?


Can I Make Anal Sex Less Messy? Should I Douche?

Plenty of people enjoy safe and healthy anal sex, but a lot of people worry it might leave a mess. It’s good to know that before you feel the need to poop, feces (poop) hangs out above the rectum (the passage leading to the anus). So it’s typically where a penis, sex toy, or finger can’t reach. This means that anal sex might not be as messy as you think.

By following a few steps, you can make sure things stay as clean as possible. Going to the bathroom, washing up, douching, and using condoms and gloves can all help lower the chances of there will be any fecal matter (poop) when you have anal sex or anal play.

Is anal sex clean? Is it safe?

Anal sex doesn’t have to be messy, and it can be a kind of safer sex. Feces (poop) can lead to infections, but if you clean up before and after, you can lower the chances there will be any feces. Unless you feel like you have to go, there’s probably not a a lot of feces to in the rectum, where a penis, sex toy, or finger would go. There might be some stray pieces, but there’s lots you can do to avoid those too.

If the idea of touching it makes you uncomfortable, you can use condoms, gloves, or sex toys. A dark condom, glove, or sex toy can also make fecal matter less noticeable. Even though washing up can make anal sex safer, only condoms can keep you from getting or giving STIs. Without a condom, anal sex has a high risk for STIs. But, cleaning up, getting regular STI tests, and using lube and condoms can minimize the risk.

Also know that going from anal to vaginal or oral sex can also cause infections. Although it’s a lower risk, going from the vagina or mouth to the anus can also cause infections. You can switch between these safely by using a new condom or washing the penis or sex toy before you go to a new area.

How can I get ready for receiving anal?

Since the anus is also used for pooping, anal can sometimes get messy. If you’re planning to have something in your anus, you can do some things to lower the chances of seeing any fecal matter (poop) during anal sex:

  • Go to the bathroom and completely empty the bowels soon before sex
  • Wash the anus with mild soap and water, both outside and slightly inside with a finger
  • Eat less meat and dairy
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce smoking
  • Have less caffeine, especially coffee
  • Avoid anal enemas and other laxatives, since they can make your poop less solid
  • Use an anal douche

Do I need to use an anal douche?

Douching is when you put water into the vagina or anus and then flush it out. Some people douche their anus before having anal sex to get rid of trace amounts of feces (poop). You don’t have to douche for anal sex. If you use a condom, adjust your diet, and wash before and after, you’ll lower the chance there will be any feces. People also know that anal sex can get messy, and that’s okay.

Some people prefer to douche before anal sex because they like to feel cleaner. Douching is usually safe as long as you use clean water that isn’t too hot. However, it could irritate your rectum (the passage leading to the anus). This can and make it easier to get small tears, which can raise the risk of STIs.

You can buy anal douches at most pharmacies. Each brand can have different directions, but it usually involves inserting a spout into your anus. You squeeze the douche to put water into your anus. Then you hold the water inside for a bit and release it into the toilet.

It’s a good idea to wait around 6 hours after douching before having anal sex. It’s also better not to douche too often, because this can upset the natural balance of your digestive system. Also know that vaginal douches are a lot more harmful than anal ones. While we have tons of intestine for gut bacteria to hang out in, a douche can completely flush out the vagina. This upsets the balance of bacteria in the vagina, which can cause infections, irritation, and odor.

What should I do after anal?

After you have anal sex without a condom, it’s important to wash the penis or dildo with mild soap and water. There can be bacteria on the penis or dildo, even if you don’t see it. But, you can wash off a lot of this, lowering your risk for infection. If you’re uncircumcised, it also helps to pull back your foreskin and wash under it.

Will anal sex make me want to poop?

Putting something inside your anus doesn’t automatically make you poop. But, if you needed to go anyway, it might make you poop more easily. That’s one reason it’s a good idea to go to the bathroom before having anal sex.

Having anal sex more slowly might help you to control your bowels better after you’re done. But in the end, whether or not something comes out depends on the situation and your individual body. If you’re worried, you can hang out near a bathroom for a while after. After having anal sex a few times, you’ll also get a better idea of how your body reacts.

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