Where Can I Get an Abortion in Montreal? How Should I Prepare?


Where Can I Get an Abortion in Montreal? How Should I Prepare?

Abortion is a safe way to end a pregnancy. It is free and legal to get an abortion in Montreal and the rest of Canada. There are two different types of abortions: surgical and medical.

Cost of an abortion

In Montreal, it is free to have an abortion with a RAMQ health card, immigration certificate, or any other document which gives you health care in Quebec. RAMQ covers the cost of the abortion pill, as well as any other medication necessary to complete a medical abortion. If you have a healthcare card from another province or territory, you could need to pay upfront and get the money back later. If you don’t have any of these documents, you’ll most likely have to pay.

Will your parents find out if you get an abortion?

If you’re 14 or over, you do not need to ask your parent(s) or guardian(s) for permission. You need permission from your parent(s) or guardians(s) if you’re 13 or under. If you’re under 18, a clinic will tell your parent(s) or guardian(s) if you spend more than 12 hours in a clinic. But this isn’t likely when you have an abortion. Abortions are quick and low-risk procedures.

When can I get an abortion?

We’ve found clinics in Montreal that offer abortions up to 23 weeks. Under the Quebec health-care system, someone can travel to the United States to have an abortion after 24 weeks. Some clinics can charge RAMQ, so you may not have to pay and get reimbursed by the province. Organizations like hopeair.ca may also help with travel expenses. For more information, you can call Action Canada at 1-888-642-2725.

Preparing for an appointment

When you call to make an appointment, the clinic will usually ask for your name, telephone number, weight, date of your last menstrual period, and any existing allergies or health problems.

You can expect to spend 3-4 hours at the clinic. This usually includes an advisor explaining the procedure, the 15-30 minute procedure, and 2-4 hours in a resting area. When you arrive, they will usually ask you to fill out a medical file and do a pregnancy test.

You can go to your appointment alone or bring a friend or partner with you. Different clinics have different rules for when other people can be with you. Most clinics require that you have someone come pick you up and take you home because of the anesthetic medication.

You cannot eat for 4 hours before the procedure. Make sure you bring your relevant I.D. or money to pay if you don’t have Quebec insurance.

Where to go for an abortion in Montreal:

You can text Sext-Ed with your location for the nearest abortion provider, or choose from the list of locations below. Most clinics can give either the abortion pill or a surgical abortion.

You can also contact the Centre des rendez-vous en avortement de Montréal (page available in French only) and they will help you make an appointment.

ClinicWhen you can get an AbortionExtra Information
Clinique Médicale de l’Alternative

2034 Rue St-Hubert


The abortion pill up to 9 weeks after a missed period.

Surgical abortions up to 12 weeks after a missed period.

An independent clinic offering STI testing and abortions in a warm, respectful environment.

Throughout the procedure, there will be a surgeon, two nurses, and an orderly with you.

If someone comes with you, they can join you during the procedure and rest time. They cannot be with you during the pre-procedure advising.

Centre de Santé des Femmes de Montréal

3401 Avenue De Lorimier


The abortion pill up to 9 weeks after a missed period.

Surgical Abortions up to 14.6 weeks after a missed period.

Their website is only in French, but their services are in both French and English.

If someone comes with you, they cannot be with you during the pre-procedure advising. Most doctors allow them to join you during the procedure.

The Montreal Morgentaler Clinic

1259 Rue Berri (Suite 900, 9th floor)


The abortion pill up to 9 weeks after a missed period.

Surgical abortions up to 18 weeks after a missed period.

“The first freestanding clinic to offer safe abortion services in Canada.”

All doctors and nurses at the clinic are women.

You will need photo I.D. If someone comes with you you, they will need photo I.D. as well.

For medical abortions, you will need to make two appointments, including one for the actual procedure.

Clinique Médicale Fémina

1265 Rue Berri (Suite 430)


The abortion pill up to 9 weeks after a missed period.

Surgical abortions up to 12 weeks after a missed period.

Offers gynecological services, birth control, STI testing, and abortion.

If someone comes with you, they can join you during the pre-procedure advising and rest time. They can’t be with you during the procedure.

For medical abortions, you will need to make two appointments, including one for the actual procedure.

CLSC des Faubourg – Sainte Catherine

1250 Rue Sanguinet

5145279565 ext 3674

The abortion pill up to 9 weeks after a missed period.

Surgical Abortions up to 23 weeks after a missed period.

Additional appointments for any after 18 weeks.

They offer a variety of services including STI testing, birth control, and abortions.

For an appointment for an abortion there, you can also contact the Montreal Abortion Appointment Center at 514-380-8299.

Is there a service for people to accompany me for an abortion appointment in Montreal?

While there’s no official service, Head & Hands is an awesome Montreal organization that can help you out with this. They can offer resources and accompaniment opportunities.

To find out more about their services call 514-481-0277 during their call times and ask to speak to their Health Services Coordinator.

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