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Clinique SIDEP+

This clinic offers STI prevention and treatment services to men who have sex with men. SIDEP+ offers testing, treatment, vaccination, PrEP, and more, as well as support and counselling. You can make... read more

Montreal Abortion Appointment Centre

You can call the Montreal Abortion Appointment Centre if you want your abortion done in a hospital or a CLSC. Hospitals and CLSCs can do abortions later in the pregnancy than most clinics. They can... read more

The Centre for Gender Advocacy

The Centre for Gender Advocacy provides free services to Concordia students and people within the greater Montreal area. Services and resources offered include peer support and advocacy, providing... read more


Stella is an organization run by and for sex workers in Montreal, and aims to meet the real needs of their members. They have a listening line available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from... read more