Questions about sex?


Text our team to get confidential answers to your sex, dating, and health questions within 24 hours.
Whether you’re trans, queer, or both, we write answers with you in mind.


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About our Texting Helpline

SextEd is Montreal’s free, confidential texting helpline for questions about sexual health or dating. Just text a question to 514 700-4411 and you’ll get an answer within…


SextEd partners with schools and community organizations that work with us to improve and spread the word about our helpline and. If you’d like to be…

Help Out

SextEd relies on volunteers and community support to answer questions and tell people about our service. If you love our helpline, you can get involved,…

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SextEd is a confidential texting helpline that answers questions about sexual health and relationships that people text us. We focus on youth in the Greater…